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V Drains India Leading Drainage and Bathroom accessories Manufacturing company in India since 2016. Vanra Incorporation Bathroom Interior and Exterior Drainer Manufacturer.

V Drains™ provides 100% customized drain system manufacturing service as per the client’s requirement and project need. V Drains™ Dealing with national and international clients for building material supplies with delivers prompt services. From Bathroom Drain Cover to Shower Panels,& from commercial kitchen drainer systems to Industrial Grating and drainer manufacturing, all done on one Roof.

Let’s check the product offered by V Drains for their customer.
V Drains works in the niche of Building material supplies at manufacturing cost with excellent material quality. V Drains believes in repeat customers.

V Drains deals in the sectors like Construction Sites, Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Plumbing Contractors, Infrastructure projects, Personal bungalows, Mega Projects, Pharma, Foods & Beverage companies, Construction Projects, Premium Bungalows & Flats, Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Contractor, Construction Material Suppliers & dealer

The Product is Manufacture by V Drains (Vanra Incorporation)

Product Offers by V DRAINS

Stainless steel linear shower channel drainer, available wide range of size and also can give customize size as per customer need and requirement

Shower Drain Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India

  • The Shower Channel drain is made up of AISI Grade SS304 material with good water flow capacity than traditional jali.
  • Linear shower drain can be Customized in size as per customer requirement with stainless steel Anti-cockroach Trapper.
  • Shower Drain covers are available in Multiple designs and customers can ask for their own design.
  • Shower drain sizes are available in a wide range standard size of the Long bathroom drainer is 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and so on.
  • Shower Drain door delivery is available span India.
  • Shower drain hair catcher using a stainer.
Tile insert shower drain long in size have capacity to collect bathroom water towards drainer.

Tile Insert Shower Drain Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India.

  • Tile Insert floor drain made up of Stainless steel AISI Garde SS304.
  • Linear Tile insert shower drain gives the sleek look to your bathroom
  • Tile Insert Floor Drain sizes are available in a wide range standard size of the Long bathroom drainer is 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and so on.
  • Tile Insert long Shower Drain door delivery available span India.
Recessed Manhole Cover, Recessed Manhole Cover Manufacturers, Recessed Manhole Cover Suppliers, Recessed Manhole Cover Providers, Recessed Manhole Cover Installation Pune Maharashtra India

Recessed Manhole Cover Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India.

  • Single Sealed and Double Sealed Recessed manhole cover manufacturer
  • Screw fix Recess Manhole cover for lift the tray-type recessed Block paving manhole cover.
  • V Drains™ Manufacture circular recessed manhole covers & square & Rectangular recessed manhole covers.
  • The material offered by the company is 1. Stainless Steel 2. Hot Dip GI 3. MS Epoxy Coating 4. Aluminium.
  • Application of Decorative Manhole Cover: Parking Area, Bangalow, Guest House, Apartment, School, Colleges, Construction Sites, etc.
Metal Walkway Grating use for Trench Drain where vehicles and people can easily from it and metal structure grating can bear a load.

Commercial & Industrial Gratings Manufacturers, Exporter & Suppliers in India

  • Metal Grating walkway, Metal grating for Parking, Heavy-duty Metal Grating, Car Load Metal Grating, Truck, and Trailor load capacity metal Grating.
  • Metal Floor Grating for Drainage systems can be Customised as per customer demand and Requirements.
  • Metal Gratings for Load Capacity A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900.
  • Span India Delivery Click on Send Enquiry for Steel Grating prices.

Parapet Scupper L Shape Wall Drainer Manufacturer in India.

  • L shape Wall Drain made up of PVC Plastic / SS (Stainless Steel) / Cast Iron with Aluminium Grating
  • Screw fix / Non Screw Fix for Parapet scupper installation
  • V Drains Manufacture Customize Parapet scupper Drainer in India
  • The material offered by the company is 1. Stainless Steel 2. Plastic Base + SS Grating
  • Application of L Shape Wall Drain: Balcony, Terrace, wall Outlet, L shape wall outlet, Slap.

Roof Drain Cast Iron & Aluminium Manufacturer in India

  • CI Roof Drain Manufacturer in India Base CI & Grating Aluminium
  • Type: Dome & Flat
  • Roof Water Drain Pipe Outlet Available: 75 / 110 / 160 / 200 mm
  • Application: Terrace, Roof, Parking, etc
  • Span India Delivery Click on Send Enquiry for Steel Grating prices.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Drain Channel with Chamber for commercial & Industrial Kitchens. 100% Customization Possible for new Hotel restaurant construction

Stainless Steel Commercial & Industrial Kitchen Drainer Manufacturer in India

  • Commercial kitchen floor drain Requirements for Large Kitchens in India and Out of India
  • Commercial Kitchen Trench Drain 100% Customize Manufacturing as per Customer design
  • Warranty on Stainless steel available for 25 Years to Maintain the trust of the customer
  • Commercial Kitchen Drain Cover Available with chamber
  • Application of Commercial Kitchen Drain Jali Trap: Stars Hotels, Restaurants, Food Company, Food processing Company, Liquid consumable food Manufacturing Company.
  • Recently V Drains Exports to STE KATANGA Beverages Company in CONGO Southe Africa

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